Published On: Mon, Apr 21st, 2014

4700 AD – an unimaginably distant future

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History Future Now spent the Easter break in Sicily amidst the ruins of Greek and Phoenician cities.  Agrigento, founded by Greek colonists in 582BC, contains one of the most extensive collections of Greek temples left in existence.  At its peak the city may have housed up to 800,000 people and was the fourth largest city in the ancient world.  The Temple of Concord, is almost completely intact and really just lacks its roof.  The temples of Hera and Hercules were also substantially intact with their columns rising majestically into the sky.  The Temple of Zeus was mainly a collection of rubble but was so huge, at over 110m long that I first thought that I was walking through a city.

The time that separates us from the founding of those colonies is almost unimaginably long.  They were established around 600 years before the birth of Christ.  Another way of looking at this time is to add the time separating us from the founding of Agrigento to the our current date.

That takes us to 4700AD.

What will humans be doing in 4700AD? What will archaeologists discover about our civilisation in 2014? What will be left?

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