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History, Future. Now. is a website devoted to putting current events into a historical and future context. When we look back in time we have the benefit of seeing how each historical event laid the foundations of the next historical event. History looks neat and later events inevitable.

This neatness is an illusion. Past historical events had thousands of possible outcomes which could have set us on a radically different path and there is a whole cannon of alternative histories that look into these outcomes in more depth.

Nevertheless, there are major themes in history that do result in inevitable outcomes. Many of these themes and trends are environmental in nature, forces that even the will of man cannot alter. Man is, however, affecting the forces of nature, resulting in a speed of environmental change that is unprecedented in the history of the planet.

This website looks at these themes and tries to project them into the future, referring to the present as nothing but a continuation of the past and the future as nothing but a continuation of the present.

The aim is to provoke and to excite the passions, to learn and to stimulate thought.


Tristan Fischer

History, Future. Now. is the personal column of Tristan Fischer, a clean technology entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of Lumicity Ltd, a UK developer of wind, solar and biomass projects, and an independent board director of Aquamarine Power, a wave energy company based in Scotland. Tristan is fascinated by history and what it can teach us about the present and help guide us to what might happen in the future. He is also amazed by the natural world and how the laws of physics, chemistry and biology interact to create the marvel of life and the universe we live in.

He was previously CEO of Camco International, a company focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making industrial sites in emerging markets more energy efficient. Prior to that he helped establish Avancis, a next generation thin film solar PV technology company with Shell Solar and Saint Gobain. He has financed power projects with Citigroup Project Finance and developed wind farms with Shell WindEnergy.

He was educated at Eton College and then at Cambridge University, where he studied Japanese. He is based in Buckinghamshire, England, is married to an award winning architect and has four children.