Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2012

Becoming a single parent: 1,100 miles on a bike in 10 days

Today I became a single parent – my wife Kate 39 and a mother of four, is now driving down in a minibus to Land’s End with her cycling gear and friends from the village.  On Friday she starts her 1,100 mile epic journey through England and up to the furthest part of Scotland, John O’Groats.  She will average 110 miles per day, the equivalent to cycling from London to Birmingham every day for 10 days straight.

She is doing this with a team of fathers from our village who are doing this in support of MacMillan Cancer Support, a charity that helps families who have been afflicted by cancer.  This is a fantastic charity and nearly all the people that I know who have had cancer in their family in the UK say that MacMillan helped them and that they were like “angels”.

The charity’s good works works are funded thanks to donations and fund raising activities similar to what is being done by my wife and her friends.  They have already raised over £50,000 prior to the start of this endeavour and aim to raise over £100,000 in total.  This is a hugely ambitious fund raiding goal, only matched by the hugely ambitious distance that is being travelled.

Cycling 110 miles a day is a huge feat of endurance.  Kate has never done anything like this in her life.  Please, please help her out by clicking on the website link below and donate as generously as you can.

There have been over 5,000 of you who have read History, Future. Now. since I started writing in July 2012.  If even a small number of you gave a small amount it would be fantastic.

Please let other people know as well: spread the word!

Many thanks,

Tristan, a very proud husband.

Kate will not be using this bike to travel 1,100 miles!

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