“Team West” is worried about its decline. Don’t be. It is quite normal

Many Westerners fret about the relative decline of the West.  For over 500 years, since the successful conquest of the Americas by Atlantic Ocean facing European countries, the West has dominated the world in terms of wealth, power, influence and culture. This domination is ending and Westerners are struggling to come to terms with their new status. More...

by Tristan Fischer | Published 5 years ago
By Tristan Fischer On Monday, January 20th, 2014
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The way the middle class has managed declining incomes is no longer working. What next?

In 2013 Robert Reich, the former Labour Secretary under President Clinton and currently a professor at University of California Berkeley, released a documentary called “Inequality for All” during which he highlighted More...

By Tristan Fischer On Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Yes, we should get rid of Corporation Tax. We need jobs

The amount of money raised by corporation tax is tiny, compared to other forms of taxation.  So tiny that it is not worth the cost to society for imposing it.  This chart, from Yahoo finance based on HM Treasury More...

By Tristan Fischer On Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Why buying cheap imported products is more expensive for individuals and not just society

Why do so many Western politicians and economists promote a trading system that increases Western unemployment levels and results in a gigantic transfer of wealth to the East every year? Since 2000 many jobs have More...