Published On: Tue, Sep 18th, 2012

Day 4 of UK’s Longest bike ride. Leaving Bledlow Ridge and heading north

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After a huge welcome at The Boot pub the cyclists stayed overnight, with the exception of a few non village team members, at home, in their own beds.  This was an opportunity for loved ones to catch up and also to discover that their spouses had a lot in common with baboons: yes, one does get sore down below after 300 miles on a bike.

Yes, I have a sore bottom.

In the morning there was a tremendous send off from all of the children of Bledlow Ridge school, yet again highlighting how this event has not only impacted the cyclists, but also their spouses, children and community.  From there, 101 miles to the north east of Birmingham.

The video below, shows the exact location of the cyclists, based on GPS data from my wife’s iPhone.  I then took the locations, cross referenced with Google Street view and then took a screenshot of each location every mile, before assembling into the video.


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