History Future Now – the book – available on Amazon

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History Future Now has been turned into a hardback, with previously unpublished articles.    It is available to buy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu.

Amazon buyers can click here:




Barnes and Noble buyers can click here.

Lulu buyers can click here.



History Future Now, ebook edition, is now available from the Apple iBookstore!  So if you have a iPad or iPhone click on this link to download it.  It is currently on at a special offer of 99c.   The Kindle version has been submitted to Amazon and should be available shortly.
  • Cherry455f@yandex.com

    This is the better thinking of people, This is the book what is the collection of information about history and i think it help us to know more about future history. ..

  • Micheal D. Prewitt

    The name of the book is really interesting and it make interested me. I am interested to read the book.

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