Published On: Sun, Jul 22nd, 2012

New articles: American exceptionalism, Artificial meat, Renewables and society, Emigration’s benefits.

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History, Future. Now is on holiday and so will be writing less frequently.  There are some meaty subjects, however, that he intends to write about:

“Why the American myth of exceptionalism damages her future” –  America’s founding myths are clouding its understanding of how America became successful.  This is a clear example of how a lack of historical perspective can cause problems for the future.  A comparison is made with Rome at the time of Augustus in the first century AD.

“Artificial meat” – Beef production in the US is damaging for the environment and much of what is consumed does not even taste of beef, requiring beef flavouring.  Why not skip several steps and go straight to artificial meat.  A look at the history of eating beef.

“Why renewable energy is good for society” – Renewables are not just good for the environment, but good for jobs, society and security.  A look back towards the beginning of the Second World War and Japan’s need to energy security.

“Why emigration is so vital for mankind” – Emigration, the act of moving from one location in search of a better environment, has resulted in mankind living on all of the continents on earth.  This has been a release valve throughout history.  What happens to society when all the places you want to emigrate to are full and immigrants are not welcome.  A look back to European emigration to the New World.

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