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The Tale of Werewolf Wood – short story by my 9yr old

While this has nothing really to do with History Future Now, I am a proud father first and foremost and wanted to share a short story that my 9 year old daughter wrote.

It started off as a story that she told to her 3 year old sister while walking along the edge of one of the lakes in the Lake District.  I overheard the story, was enthralled and asked her to write it down.  So she did, added some pictures, and here it is.




The Tale of Werewolf Wood

Last year I was walking through the woods when I came across a tree with a large hole in it. I thought it would be fun to climb inside and make a den. Once inside I noticed a piece of bark with some words on it. The words said: ‘ Go three miles north and catch the train to Werewolf Wood. A boy will be waiting for you there.’  Luckily, I had brought my compass with me, and soon I was trekking north into the woods. After a while I reached a train station. The driver was a bit surprised when I asked for Werewolf Wood, but he quickly agreed to take me there and soon I was on my way.


When I got there, I saw a boy standing on the platform. He came up to me and asked “Did you come here using the piece of bark?”  When I nodded he smiled. “Then come and listen to my story,” he whispered. Then he sat down and closed his eyes and started to tell me his story.

Once there were two siblings, William and Matilda. William was twelve and was strong, fast and clever. His little sister, Matilda, had golden curly hair and beautiful sparkling blue eyes. They lived in a pretty little cottage next to a silver stream in Werewolf Wood. The cottage had honeysuckle growing up it and pansies along the front.  They had a small garden where they kept a cow that gave them milk, chickens that gave them eggs, and rows and rows of vegetables. Every Friday William would go out into the forest with his bow, spear and dagger to look for meat for their roast lunch on Sunday.


One Friday evening William, as usual, was getting ready to go out hunting.  He tucked Matilda up in her bed and reminded her of what she should do if she heard knocking on the door.

“Remember Matilda,” he said, “wait until you hear three knocks on the door, then get up and look through the peephole to see if it is me.”

Matilda nodded and snuggled down further into the blanket.  Then William slipped out the door.

The forest was dark and spooky. William could hear the hoots of owls and the cries of wolves.  He did not admit it but he was very scared.  He looked around for a bit for footprints in the mud. William was in luck, he soon found some footprints. “They look like wild boar prints,” he muttered to himself.

William followed the footprints until he came into a clearing, lit by the light of the full moon. In the clearing there was the biggest, fattest and juiciest, wild board that William had ever seen.  William knew that wild boar was Matilda’s favourite food. He imagined her eating it with him on Sunday with carrots, turnips, potatoes and all the other vegetables they grew together.

It was a nice thought.

Anyway, back to hunting. William looked up. The boar was still there. He pulled an arrow out of his quiver and notched it to his bow. Then he aimed – and fired.


The arrow whizzed through the air and struck the boar in between its eyes. With a small squeal the boar dropped dead. It was his first perfect shot ever! Most times William shot his prey full of arrows, stabbed them with his spear, and even then he had to finish them off with a dagger. It was a miracle!

He quickly stuck his spear through the hole he had made with his arrow and out through the other end.  Then he lifted up the boar, using his spear and walked back to the cottage.

When William got back he knocked three times on the door and waited. There was no answer.  He knocked three times again and there still was no answer.  By this time William was getting very worried.

He started shouting, “Matilda! Matilda!” But the only answer was silence. William started looking through all the pansies at the front of the house, and soon found what he was looking for – the spare key. He quickly opened the door and burst inside. The room looked very cosy, with the fire on and the sofa comfy and warm. But there was one thing missing – Matilda.

The space in the bed where she should have been was cold and empty.

That night William could not sleep. He tossed and turned and tossed and turned. The next morning he ate his breakfast slowly and sadly. And for the next month he looked for Matilda.  He searched all of the nearby village and most of the surrounding forest.

The weeks rushed by and it was soon the night of the next full moon. William remembered the one place that he had not yet looked – the clearing where he had shot the wild boar.

That night William went out into the forest with his weapons. When he got there he noticed a trail of footprints leading out from the place where he had shot the boar.   The footprints were made of blood.

The looked like the prints of a dog… or a wolf.

William quickly followed the footprints deeper into the forest. After a while it felt like he was being watched. He slowly turned around and right behind him, peering out from the bushes, was a pair of glowing red eyes.

Then the eyes leapt forward, but they were not eyes any more, they were a gigantic black wolf with snarling jaws and gleaming claws.

William quickly scrambled up a tree but the wolf clambered up after him using its sharp claws to pull itself up the trunk.  William stabbed the wolf with his spear, but the spear’s shaft snapped in two. Then he tried his dagger, but the blade shattered.  When that did not work he fired all of his arrows down one by one, but they harmlessly bounced off. Finally he had only one weapon left – his bow.


William tried hooking it around the wolf’s neck, but the string caught on one of the wolf’s teeth and it got cut.  In the last act of desperation, William tried lighting a match on a twig so that he could fend the wolf off with fire. The match did light, but he accidentally dropped it and it fell onto the forest floor, setting the leaves on fire.

Soon the whole forest was ablaze, with nothing to stop it!!!

The only good thing about the fire was that it gave William an idea. He grabbed one of the flaming branches and plunged it into the wolf’s heart.

The wolf let go of the tree and as it fell it changed shape.

When the wolf reached the bottom it was not a wolf anymore… it was Matilda.

Just then William realised the terrible truth…..

His sister was a werewolf.

Matilda yawned and opened her eyes.  She looked around when she saw the fire closing in around her.  William dropped down from the tree and stared at his sister.

“What is happening William?” she asked. “Where are we?”

That brought William back to his senses.  He looked around, trying to find a way to escape from the fire but there was no way out.

Then, as if by magic, the heavens opened and it started pouring down with rain.

William and Matilda trudged back from the cottage and by the time they were home they were both soaking wet.

William got both himself and Matilda into their pyjamas and they sat down by the fire. Although William was happy to be with his sister again he was also very worried.

What kind of doctor cured lycampthnosis – being a werewolf?  William did not know any that did.  He would still try.

The next morning William took his sister to the doctor’s surgery in the nearby village. Unfortunately, when William explained that his sister Matilda had a case of lycampthnosis, the doctors screamed and ran away.

The day after that William took Matilda to the big city where they went through every doctors’ surgery there – the results were the same as in the village.

The same thing happened for the next month as William took Matilda from town to town, city to city, looking for a cure. By the time of the next full moon, William was getting desperate. He went to the clearing in the forest to have a think. There were lots of questions racing through his head.

Could he find a cure?

How did Matilda catch lycampthnosis (the only time she had been with other people was when her cousins had taken her on a trip)?

Were there any other werewolves?

After a while William noticed a golden glow. He got up and walked towards the glow.  Behind a group of trees was a glowing golden deer. “I will help your sister,” said the deer.  “Lead me to her.”

So William led the deer back into the cottage and it went inside. “I must do this alone to you must wait outside,” said the deer in a hushed voice.

William waited outside, but soon he noticed eyes staring at him…

Red eyes…

Red glowing eyes.

He banged on the door and shouted, “How much longer?”

“Ten seconds!” replied the deer.

William started counting down in his head.

10,9… The wolves eyes glowed like fire.

8,7…  William could see their razor fangs.

6,5… Every second they came closer.

4,3… William could smell their foul stench.

2,1… The wolves were about to pounce!

0… William hurled himself through the door as the wolves lunged at him.

He could hear their angry howls as they threw themselves at the door. William turned around and looked at the deer.  “Is she cured?” he asked quietly.  The deer smiled…

…and then it disappeared.

William ran over to Matilda and gave her a big hug.  And she was no longer a werewolf.

So they lived happily ever after, taking milk from the cow, eggs from the chickens and vegetables from the garden.

And every full moon William would go out into the forest to hunt werewolves.  He would take them to the clearing in the forest where the golden deer would cure them of the curse.

Soon, William became known as the slayer of werewolves, the saviour of men.  And he went down in legend as a great hero…

The boy from the train station opened his eyes and looked at me.  “Do you believe this story?” asked the boy slowly.

And I suddenly realised that I believed it very much indeed.


Copyright 2013 by Anna Kate Fischer

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